Photo is from my twin sister’s bachelorette! We went wine tasting in a hummer limo. I was the planner extraodinaire 😉

Welcome to That Girl Dandelion, a blog about love and relations, wedding planning, and life. No, my name is not Dandelion, it’s Kelly!

I’m planning my wedding (it’s in 2018 so I have plenty of time to take it slow), trying to getting my own work-from-home business on its feet, and attempting to stay sane while I work my corporate job.

Things that matter: Regular date nights to help reignite the spark, long walks with the dogs, leisurely mornings with the cat, traveling often. Oh, and paying those darn bills on time every month!

Other things you might care to know: My nail polish is almost always chipped and very rarely reapplied. I don’t wear make-up every day. I smile often.

You can contact me at thatgirldandelion@gmail.com!