Why I Need My Morning Dog Walk

Why I Need My Morning Dog Walk

I need to walk my dog every morning before work, and not just because he has to go out. My morning walk is like a daily mind reset before starting all the chaos and stress coming later on. We all know what I mean. The job is less than perfect. There’s traffic and bills to pay and goodness knows what else.

Here’s how I maximize on that 10 minute walk every morning:

  • I work at 7am, so I’m usually walking the pup around 5:45am. I know, it’s pretty early. But it is perfect for calming my mind. In my neighborhood I’m often the only person out and about that early. I take in that silence. And even more so when it’s snowing. Bonus if my and my dog’s footprints are the first ones to mark the snow!
  • I take in the sounds around me. Yes, sometimes that includes a rat rummaging through someone’s trash. But usually it’s sounds I relish – birds chirping, train whistles in the distance, my dog’s excited breathing, and NO cars going by.
  • I clear my mind and let go of anything bothering me. Even if it is just for 10 minutes, clearing my mind has a HUGE impact on my stress levels. Once in a while J will volunteer to do the morning dog walk, and I find that my thoughts the rest of the day are all over the place and my stress is less manageable.

If you don’t have a furry friend to walk with, why not grab your partner (or just yourself – just bring that pepper spray as a precaution!) and get out there anyway? You’ll notice a change in how you feel!


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